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Tool Allowing You To Easily Add Particle Effects To iOS Apps Using Core Animation

I’ve mentioned a few tools for creating particle effects that work with different iOS game engines.

Here’s something different – a tool from Marin Todorov of Touch Code magazine that uses Core Animation’s CAEmitterCell to create particle effects along with a class you can drop right into your apps.

Here’s a video that is part of a tutorial on using UIEffectDesigner in action:

You can see how Marin has used the native particle systems to an enhance an app in this video showing the Beautiful weather app in action:

You can download the UIEffectDesigner particle creation tool through the homepage here and you’ll also need the UIEffectDesigner Class on Github to use it.

You can find the tutorials on how to use UIEffectDesigner here: Part 1, Part 2.

A very nice tool that you can use to add some interesting enhancements into your apps.

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