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Mac Tool Providing Mac->iOS Window Mirroring, Measuring And Templating Tools And More

Early this year I mentioned an excellent Mac tool allowing you to preview your work in Photoshop on an iOS device in real time called Skala preview.

Here’s another great tool for developers and designers called xScope that has provided excellent design measurement tools on the Mac for quite some time and has been consistently updated with new features.

Two of the newer features that I found very useful are a mirroring tool allowing you to view any window running on your Mac on your iOS device running the xScope Mirror which in my testing worked very well.

The only drawback I could find to the mirror tool is that you’ll need to purchase the app for your iOS devices so although you can preview on multiple devices each will need to have the app.

Another interesting tool was screens providing templates that you can overlay on live windows for measuring sizes and checking for different vision deficiencies.

In addition to the measuring tools xScope and now has some great tools specifically for iOS development and design allowing you to mirror any window and a screens tool which

Here are a couple of images from the Mac app store previewing the mirror, and screens tools:
xScope Mirror

xScope Screens

You can find xScope over on the Mac App Store here.

You can find the xScope app for mirroring on the iOS App Store here.

You can read more about xScope over on the home page.

A very nice tool to help you get things just right.

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