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Johann Dowa

Create An iOS App Backend With Data Synchronization, Push Notifications, In App Purchase And Passbook

Previously I mentioned an interesting open source project called DeploydKit utilizing Node.js allowing you to easily build a back end for your apps with data synchronization and push notification management.

Here’s a project created with similar intent called Helios from Mattt Thompson built on the Rack webserver interface.

In addition to Core Data synchronization and push notification handling Helios provides in-app purchase management and passbook integration.

The backend is easily set up using the command line interface explained on the Github page.  Core Data synchronization is made easy by using AFIncrementalStore.

Here’s an image from the readme showing off the Helios interface:


You can find Helios on Github here.

A great project for quickly setting up a highly functional web based back-end for an app.

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