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Johann Dowa

iOS Image Processing Library Allowing You To Define Custom Image Filters Using A JSON File


The addition of Core Image in iOS 5 provided for a great way for easily creating image filters using the iOS SDK and I’ve mentioned a number of  Core Image tutorials and source code examples.

Here’s a library called Wolfpack by Justin Williams that makes image processing with Core Image even easier.

Using Wolfpack you can define filters using an easy to edit JSON format filter file.

Here’s an example Gist showing an example JSON filter:

According to the readme support image processing types include:

– blur: A gaussian blur
– color: Apply a color blend
– adjustment: Apply image adjustments like brightness, contrast, etc
– curve: [Not Implemented Yet]
– gradient: Supports a gradientType of either linear or radial
– image: Overlay an image using a specific blending mode.
– script: [Not Implemented Yet]
– CoreImage: A free-form CoreImage action that you can use with any supported CIFilter.

You can find Wolfpack on Github here.

A nice library for creating image filters.


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