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Article Written By:
Johann Dowa

Vim Add-On Adding Automatic Objective-C Code Completion (No Keypress Needed For Suggestions)

Without questions many developers still like to go old school and use Vim.  Previously I mentioned an Xcode plugin that adds in many of the Vim keybindings inXcode for Vim fans.

If you still prefer to use Vim rather than Xcode for code entry here’s a vim add-on called YouCompleteMe that should greatly improve your experience when using Vim to program Objective-C.

YouCompleteMe adds auto-completion in Vim that does not require you to press a key to view the code completion suggest – the  suggestions appear automatically for Objective-C/ObjectiveC++, C++ and C.

You can find YouCompleteMe on Github here.

It’s suggested that you use YouCompleteMe with MacVim.

A nice add-on for Vim users.

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