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Top iOS Development Resources For Week Ended February 3rd, 2013

Welcome back to the weekly feature of the most popular new resources mentioned on the site in the past week.

This weeks most popular resources include a tool for finding unused images within an Xcode project, a custom UI Control for alert views that includes customizable animations, and a library for creating custom keyboards.

Here are the resources that had the most interest in the past week:

1. Unused – An open source tool automatically all unused images within an Xcode project. (featured here) (share on twitter)

2. AHAlertView – An open source UI control for creating customizable alert views (custom animations, easy text field insertion, and color customization) with a blocks based syntax.  (featured here) (share on twitter)

3. Custom iOS Keyboards –  A library allowing you to easily create iPhone and iPad keyboards that look and feel like the native keyboard with a customizable set of keys. (featured here) (share on twitter)

4. JCBannerNotificationPresenter – A library allowing you to easily create unobtrusive notification views that won’t be confused with the built in push notification views. (featured here) (share on twitter)

5. ACVRangeSelector – A range selector UIControl that can be given a completely custom look using images. (featured here) (share on twitter)

Thanks for reading!

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