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Open Source Tool That Makes It Easier To Work With Localizable (NSLocalizedString) iOS Strings

Working with NSLocalizedString, and using the Genstrings tool can be somewhat tedious.

Stephan Ceriu has created an open source Mac based tool called SCStringsUtility for working with your Xcode projects providing a nice interface for working with your localized strings. You can also import/export to and from CSV.

Here’s a list of features taken from the readme:

– Import from Xcode project using genstrings and its .string files (options for a different genstrings routine and positional parameters)
– Console for displaying genstrings warnings
– Save back on top of the original files
– Export to CSV/Localizable.strings
– Import from CSV
– Search (filter all or just the keys)
– Editing & undo/redo support

Here’s a screenshot from the readme showing the tool in action:


You can download SCStringsUtility through Github here.

A great tool for working with localizable strings.

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