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Article Written By:
Johann Dowa

Open Source Library Allowing Easy User Interface Theming By Using Plist Files

Getting an app to look just right can be difficult, and here’s a library from Ryan Nystrom called RNThemeManager that gives you the ability to theme your interfaces whether they’re built programatically or you’re using interface builder.

The themes are defined by using Plist files, and you can easily switch between themes.

This is great if you’re working with a designer as they can tweak the theme and get things right simply by modifying the attributes within the Plist files.

As the readme states:

This small utility makes theming your iOS apps clean and simple. It was originally created so that I could have themable NIBs that utilized notifications to update view properties such as fonts and colors. I pushed beyond NIB support so that however you create your views, it will respond to your themes.

You can find RNThemeManager on Github here.

A complete example is included on the Github page.

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