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Article Written By:
Johann Dowa

iOS 6.1 Runtime Headers – And How To View Differences Between Each Version

It can be very helpful to look through the iOS runtime and see undocumented API changes in order to get a head start on code updates, and see what new features may be coming.

Nicolas Seriot has developed a runtime browser tool that you can use to quickly browse and search through all the iOS runtime headers, he’s also published the iOS runtime headers on Github so you can easily browse through the headers, and see any changes that can be made.

Getting The Headers

You can find the iOS 6.1 runtime headers on Github here and you can find the runtime browser tool here.

You can view the different headers in a nice format using this Github search.

Viewing The Differences

Ole Begemann has written a nice summary of the new undocumented APIs in 6.1 and a quick guide on how to view the API differences between iOS versions.

There’s also a nice chart on the iOS runtime headers Github page showing which frameworks are available for each different ioOS version.

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