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Johann Dowa

Tutorial: Making Transitions That Work As Xcode Storyboard Segues (UIStoryboardSegue)

A couple of weeks ago I mentioned some example source code showing how to create an iBooks style 3D transition as a UIStoryboardSegue.

Joris Kluivers has written a short tutorial explaining how to create a custom segue that works within the Xcode storyboard tool explaining how to set up the segue, and make sure that it can unwind properly.

Joris has also provided a straightforward example of a custom UIStoryboardSegue.

Here’s a video showing the custom UIStoryboardSegue built in the tutorial:

You can find the tutorial on Joris’ blog here.

You can find an example implementing the concepts in the tutorial on Bitbucket here.

A nice straightforward guide on how to create custom transitions that you can use in the storyboard tool.

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