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Top iOS Development Resources For Week Ended January 27th, 2013

Welcome back to the weekly feature of the most popular resources mentioned on the site in the past week.

This weeks most popular resources include an Xcode plugin that helps with entering image names, a tool allowing real time previewing of designs on your iOS devices, a user interface control for expandable buttons and more.

Here are the most popular resources from the last week:

1.  KSImageNamed-Xcode – An Xcode plugin that adds auto completion for image names within your Xcode workspace (featured here) (share on twitter)

2. Skala Preview – A premium Mac tool that allows you to preview designs on your iOS devices that are on your clipboard or even real-time from Photoshop.   (featured here) (share on twitter)

3. DDExpandableButton – A custom iOS user interface control that allows you to create customizable expanding buttons like the flash button in the iOS camera app.  (featured here) (share on twitter)

4. NYSliderPopover – A category that allows you to add a popover above the scrubber on a UISlider to indicate current value.  (featured here) (share on twitter)

5. AKTabBarController – A tab bar control with customizable size, coloring, background and more.  (featured here) (share on twitter)

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