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Article Written By:
Johann Dowa

Series Of iOS OpenGL ES 2.0 Tutorials Covering Many Topics (Water, Bump Mapping, And More)


I’ve mentioned a number of excellent OpenGL ES 2.0 tutorials and examples and most recently showed a great example explaining an approach to rendering the milky way galaxy.

Here’s a set of tutorials from Abdullah Dib created using OpenGL ES 2.0 complete with working Xcode example projects that you can run on your iOS device.

The tutorials cover:

– Loading a 3D model using the Assimp open source library (a 3D model loading library that supports 3DS, OBJ, X and Doom models)
– How to perform simple bump mapping
– Skinning 3D models
– Creating a controllable 3D camera
– Water reflections
– Creating a skybox
– Lighting with bumps
– Environment reflection

Here’s an image showing the water reflection tutorial in action:

OpenGL ES 2.0 Water Scene Tutorial

You can find the tutorials over at Abdullah Dib’s site here.

A great set of examples covering many things you will likely find yourself wanting to do when working with OpenGL ES.


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