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Premium Mac Tool Allows To Automatically View Photoshop Designs On An iOS Device

There can be a big difference in how an app’s design looks and feels when previewed on the desktop vs. on an actual device, and recently I mentioned a library allowing you to tweak UIKit interface component colors on iOS devices  that can help with this problem.

Here’s another great tool from Bjango called Skala Preview for helping to get those designs right the first time.  This tool provides a Mac and iOS app that allows you to easily preview designs created on your Mac on an iOS device.

You can:

– Preview your work from Photoshop automatically in real time (CS5 12.04 or newer required)
– Send images from the clipboard (copy to clipboard and see them automatically)
– Drag files to the app’s icon to preview
– Send your prototypes to multiple devices

The previews are pixel perfect, you can zoom in, and adjust the color palette to see how those with different levels of color blindness might see your design.


You can read more on the Skala Preview homepage here.

You can find Skala Preview in the Mac app store here (currently $4.99)

You can find the Skala View client  for iOS devices in the app store here (free).

A great way to quickly preview designs.

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