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Library Allowing You To Easily Create Custom Prompts Shown To The User At Specific Intervals

Some time ago I mentioned the excellent Appirater library  that allows you to easily create messages based upon specific intervals asking users to rate your app.

Here’s a great library for promotion from Nick Lockwood called iPrompt that you can use to easily create prompts with specific time intervals like Appirater.

With iPrompt you’re not creating rating messes but rather custom messages so you can ask users to take actions such as download pro versions of your apps, visit sites, or check out other apps.

You simply need to install the library, and set up a Plist file like in the included example project.

Here’s an image of a prompt created by the example project included with the library:



And an image showing the details of the Plist file used to create the prompt:


You can find iPrompt on Github here.

A nice easy way to set up prompts to alert the users to take action.

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