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Article Written By:
Johann Dowa

Framework Providing A Lightweight Node.js Compatible Server That Runs Within iOS Apps

I’ve mentioned a number of resources utilizing Node.js most recently a project providing a Socket.IO client library for iOS Objective-C apps.

A few weeks ago a very impressive demo video from Satoshi Nakajima was posted for a project called neu.Node on Youtube showing a Node.js server running on the iOS platform (you might want to turn down your speakers to avoid listening to the loud background music):

neu.Node has snuck its way onto Github so you can now create a lightweight server with a Node.js compatible API that runs within iOS apps.

This is not a straight port of Node.js but rather a modified implementation designed specifically for iOS mobile devices.  You won’t find every command implemented, but a very impressive subset is included.

neu.Node is an implementation of Node.js-compatible API for iOS devices, which allows the application developer to embed variety of micro servers (http server, chat server, proxy server, game server, etc.) in their iOS applications.

With neu.Node, iOS devices are no longer just “client” devices. They become network “nodes”, which actively participate in providing distributed computing services and enriching the user experience.

neu.Node enables new breeds of applications, such as:

– Server-less multi-player games
– Ad-Hoc/local social networking applications
– Peer-to-peer sharing, co-producing, and collaborations
– Real-time media transport (such as security camera)
– HTML5 apps with embedded proxy server for better caching and off-line support

You can find neu.Node on Github here with detailed information and an example project containing several different demonstration servers including a chat server, and a streaming video server.

After loading up the demo project and starting a server you’ll find it running at port 8000.

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