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Johann Dowa

A Highly Customizable Open Source iOS Tab Bar UI Control


Some time ago I mentioned a library that allowed you to add coloring enhancements to tab bar icons.

Here’s a very nice tab bar that lets you take tab bar customization to another level called AKTabBarController by Ali Karagoz.

You can completely customize the look by changing the tab bar background, tab bar height, tab bar colors and more.

The controller works properly when changing orientation and on both the iPhone and iPad.

Here’s a list of features as stated in the readme:

– Portrait and Landscape mode tab bar.
– Ability to set the height of the tab bar.
– Ability to hide the tab bar when pushed.
– Ability to set the minimum height of the tab bar to allow display the title.
– Ability to hide the title in the tabs.
– When the height of the tab bar is too small, the title is not displayed.
– Only one image is needed for both selected and unselected states (style is added via CoreGraphics).
– Icons are resized when needed and particularly in landscape mode.
– Animated state of the tabs with a nice cross fade animation.

Here’s an image from the readme showing an AKTabBar in action:


You can find AKTabBarController on Github here.

A great control if you want to use a tab bar but can’t get things looking just right.


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