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Article Written By:
Johann Dowa

Open Source iPhone Color Picker Control Combining Grid, Rotary, And Slider Approaches


I’ve mentioned a number of color pickers using different approaches, and here’s a new iPhone color picker control submitted by Karthik Abram that does a great job of providing a versatile easy to use control.

This color picker combines the approaches used by other color pickers providing a grid for picking colors, the ability to page between grids by choosing a base color, sliders for picking saturation, luminosity, and transparency, and a rotary type control for choosing the hue.

The features as stated include:

– Shows a simple color pallete (simplifies the simple case).
– iPhone 5 ready – color pallete expands to fill larger screen.
– Hue grid – more variations of primary color. Color line in the bottom can be tapped to select color or grid can be swiped left and right.
– HSL selector – for fine grain color selection, presents Hue circle and separate saturation and luminosity controls.
– Alpha selector
– Allows users to save their favorite colors. Favorites are stored in a file in the Documents directory.
– Simple delegate model.
– You can specify current color selection and title for header.

Here are some images from the readme showing the control in action:

Neovera Colorpicker

You can download the Neovera ColorPicker through the homepage here.

A color picker that works extremely well on the iPhone’s smaller screen.


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