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Article Written By:
Johann Dowa

Open Source iOS UI Control Mimicking A UITableView Within A UIAlertView


The question of how to place a UITableView within a UIAlertView is one that comes up from time to time.

Here’s a new submission from Matteo Del Vecchio that solves this problem, has been tested to work with iOS 6, and brings a block based syntax, and provides callbacks for when a row is clicked.

Here’s a list of features taken from the readme:

– Block-based, no more delegates required.
– table property to access to the table view.
– completionBlock property to configure actions which have to be performed when Cancel button is pressed
– selectionBlock property to configure actions which have to be performed when a row in table view is pressed
– Table alert creation through class or init method
– Table view customization managed by blocks: style your cells as you want
– Beautiful animations
– UIAlertView-like interface
– Retina ready and compatible with iPhone, iPod and iPad

A screenshot showing MLTableAlert in action:



You can find MLTableAlert on Github here.

You can read more about the creation of this control on the Matthew Labs blog  here.

A sample project is included, and it makes for a great selector style view.  The feature set is different from SBTableAlert and in my testing worked great.


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