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News: Cocos2D-iPhone, Cocos2D-X, Cocos2D-HTML5 And CocosBuilder Updates

It’s been awhile since I’ve mentioned news about Cocos2D updates – this is because I was holding off on the final release of Cocos2D 2.1.

What’s special about this version?

Well mainly that it adds Javascript as a scripting language so you can write your games in Javascript, and easily port through the different versions of Cocos2D including Cocos2D-iPhone, Cocos2D-X (the multi-platform version) and Cocos2D-HTML5.

While the final Cocos2D v2.1 build has not been released yet there has been a coordinated release of updates for all the different Cocos2D game development projects, and you can definitely get started building games with Javascript if you desire.

The excellent CocosBuilder tool has also updated bringing support for the Javascript API.

You can read full details over on the Cocos2D-X blog.

Very exciting stuff if you’re interested in multiplatform development with the Cocos2D game framework.

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