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In-Depth Tutorial On How To Embed A PhoneGap (Cordova) View In An iOS Objective-C App

Previously I mentioned  a set of examples demonstrating how have a Cordova (Phonegap) Cleaver component as a modal view within an iOS Objective-C app (which unfortunately have been removed from Github).

There are many potential advantages to doing this for both Phonegap and Objective-C developers, and Holly Schinsky has created an in-depth tutorial.

You’ll go through downloading Cordova, Xcode project build settings through creating a simple app using Storyboards with an integrated Cordova view.

In this image from the tutorial the middle view with the buttons is actually a Phonegap view:
Phonegap At Center

You can find the tutorial on the Devgirl website here.

The ability to access native APIs easily sure beats using a regular web view.

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