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Article Written By:
Johann Dowa

Objective-C Library Of Matcher Objects For OCUnit, GHUnit, Cedar, More For Easier Testing


There are many different unit testing frameworks available for the iOS platform, and OCUnit included within Xcode is terrific for most cases.

Today I came across a great library for anyone working with OCUnit (and several other frameworks) providing a library of matchers for building test expressions covering many situations saving you a lot  of time, and providing a framework to make it easier to create your own test expressions.

Hamcrest works with the iOS Unit testing frameworks OCUnit, Google Toolbox for Mac, GHUnit, Cedar, and OCMock , and OCHandMock.

Here’s a list of the predefined matchers from the Hamcrest wiki:

  • Object
    • conformsTo – match object that conforms to protocol
    • equalTo – match equal object
    • hasDescription – match object’s -description
    • hasProperty – match return value of method with given name
    • instanceOf – match object type
    • nilValuenotNilValue – match nil, or not nil
    • sameInstance – match same object
  • Number
    • closeTo – match number close to a given value
    • equalTo<TypeName> – match number equal to a primitive number (such as equalToInt for an int)
    • greaterThangreaterThanOrEqualTolessThanlessThanOrEqualTo – match numeric ordering
  • Text
    • containsString – match part of a string
    • endsWith – match the end of a string
    • equalToIgnoringCase – match the complete string but ignore case
    • equalToIgnoringWhitespace – match the complete string but ignore extra whitespace
    • startsWith – match the beginning of a string
    • stringContainsInOrder – match parts of a string, in relative order
  • Logical
    • allOf – “and” together all matchers
    • anyOf – “or” together all matchers
    • anything – match anything (useful in composite matchers when you don’t care about a particular value)
    • isNot – negate the matcher
  • Collection
    • contains – exactly match the entire collection
    • containsInAnyOrder – match the entire collection, but in any order
    • empty – match empty collection
    • hasCount – match number of elements against another matcher
    • hasCountOf – match collection with given number of elements
    • hasEntries – match dictionary with list of key-value pairs
    • hasEntry – match dictionary containing a key-value pair
    • hasItem – match if given item appears in the collection
    • hasItems – match if all given items appear in the collection, in any order
    • hasKey – match dictionary with a key
    • hasValue – match dictionary with a value
    • onlyContains – match if collections’s items appear in given list
  • Decorator
    • describedAs – give the matcher a custom failure description
    • is – decorator to improve readability – see Syntactic sugar below

You can find Hamcrest on Google code here and the Objective-C wiki can be found here.

A nice time saver for building unit tests.


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