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Article Written By:
Johann Dowa

New Open Source iOS Crash Report Manager That Adds A Number Of Useful Features


There are a number of crash reporters out there both premium and free, and many are built off a project called PLCrashReporter.  Previously I mentioned the open source project QuincyKit that provides a solution for managing your crash reporting.

Today I came across a new open source project called KSCrash from Karl Stenerud that aims to be the ultimate iOS crash reporter adding a number of unique features including the capability of generating a 100% complete Apple crash report.

According to the readme here’s why there’s room for another crash reporter:

Another crash reporter? Why?

Because all existing solutions fall short. PLCrashReporter comes very close, but not quite:

  • It can’t handle stack overflow crashes.
  • It doesn’t fill in all fields for its Apple crash reports.
  • It can’t symbolicate on the device.
  • It only records enough information for an Apple crash report, though there is plenty of extra useful information to be gathered!

As well, each crash reporter service, though most of them use PLCrashReporter at the core, has its own format and API.

And here’s what KSCrash brings:

KSCrash is superior for the following reasons:

  • It catches ALL crashes.
  • Its pluggable server reporting architecture makes it easy to adapt to any API service (it already supports Hockey and Quincy and sending via email, with more to come!).
  • It supports symbolicating on the device.
  • It records more information about the system and crash than any other crash reporter.
  • It is the only crash reporter capable of creating a 100% complete Apple crash report (including thread/queue names).
  • It can be compiled with or without ARC.
You can find KSCrash reporter on Github here.
You can look at some KSCrash generated reports here.
QuincyKit is used to provide the server-side crash report management for KSCrash.
Included in the project you’ll find a couple of examples.


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