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Johann Dowa

Open Source Library Providing Custom TableViews and A UICollectionView Like Grids


Earlier this year I mentioned MGBox, a library providing a UITableView replacement with great default styling, a simpler syntax, and easy customization.

The developer of MGBox, Matt Greenfeld, has created a new library MGBox2 that adds many new features to the excellent MGBox including the capability of creating UICollectionView like grids.

Here’s a listing of features from the readme:

Layout Features

  • Table layouts (similar to UITableView, but less fuss)
  • Grid layouts (similar to UICollectionView, but less fuss)
  • Table rows automatically layout NSStrings, UIImages, and multiline text
  • Animated adding/removing/reordering rows, items, sections, etc
  • Margins, Padding, zIndex, Fixed Positioning, and more
  • Optional asynchronous blocks based layout
  • Optional scroll view box edge snapping

Code Convenience Features

  • Blocks based tap, swipe, and hold gesture recognisers
  • Blocks based custom event observing and triggering
  • Blocks based UIControl event handlers
  • Blocks based keypath observers
  • UIView easy frame accessors

Here are a couple of images from the readme showing the tableviews and the new grid feature in action:

You can find MGBox with documentation, and an example on Github here.

Definitely a first rate library worth checking out.


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