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Open Source Code For Easily Making Custom Metallic iOS UI Controls

Earlier this week I pointed out an iOS source code example showing how make reflective metallic buttons like the iOS 6 music app.

Since then I received a submission from Daniel Amitay who has created a similar category the main difference being that Daniel’s code outputs a UIImage that you can attach to your controls.  The effect is also a little more realistic as it is not quite as jumpy as the previous example.

As Daniel stated in his submission known as DAAntriscopicImage:

Most importantly, it outputs a UIImage object so that you can actually add the effect to a UISlider. The example demonstrates a functioning UISlider with the effect.

It is also a more accurate recreation of the shine and movement. The “Adaptive-Metal-Knob” jumps backwards and forwards over certain axes, whereas DAAnisotropicImage smoothly moves through all axes.

Here’s an example image showing the metallic effect in the example on a larger image and in the slider:

And here’s a quick video showing the customized slider control knob in action:

You can download this control over on Github.

Looks like the metallic effect is going to be appearing in a lot more apps soon.

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