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Cocos2D Particle Generation Tool For Mac – (UPDATE) No Longer Free $2.99

I’ve mentioned some excellent development tools available for developers available in the Mac App Store most recently the Core Data Editor, and a tool that converts SVG art to Objective-C code.

Today I came across a tool for generating Cocos2D particle effects from Tunabelly Software known as Particles.

Particles allows you to create a wide number of particle effects, and you can adjust the particle gravity, coloring, use custom images and more.

Here’s a screenshot showing the wide variety of options:

You can download the tool for free $2.99 in the Mac App Store.

The description states that the tool is only free for a limited time so if you need a Cocos2D particle generation tool get it while you can. Sorry guys it’s no longer free the developers have changed the price.

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