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Article Written By:
Johann Dowa

Open Source iOS UITableView Replacement For Easy Beautifully Designed Table Views


I’ve mentioned some excellent libraries enhancing the use of tableviews, most recently this library for creating swipeable UITableViewCells.

The component that I’m mentioning today is considerably different – not an enhancement, but a UITableView replacement offering a simpler syntax, extremely beautiful styling, and easier customization.

Included are many useful features such as easy multiline content, cells with left and right views, the ability to share screenshots and much more.

Here’s a listing of the features taken from the readme:

  • Box lines accept and automatically lay out arbitrary arrays of UIViews, NSStrings, and UIImages
  • Create box lines with multiline text, automatically formatted and sized
  • Intelligent handling of space limitations, with optional left or right side precedence
  • Separate arrays for topLines, middleLines, and bottomLines, to simplify common layout patterns
  • A convenience screenshot method for capturing UIImagesof boxes with OS X screenshot style drop shadows
  • Animations for box adding, removing, and moving
  • Optional edge snapping on scroll

Here’s a an image showing the level of customization you can have with the library taken from the ifAlarm app:

and here’s a quick video demonstrating the included example app in action so you can see how beautiful the default styling is:

The component is MGBox from Matt Greenfield.

You can find the component on Github here.

A great library if you really want to create tableviews with an extra special design.


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