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Open source: Library For Easy Clear App Style (And More) Folding Transitions Between UIViews

Fold transitions were made famous by the popular Clear app, and previously I posted a gesture responsive UITableView with fold transitions.

Today I came across another library specifically for creating fold transitions.  Using this library you can create a number of different fold transitions.

With this library you can create transitions between an UIViews, and UIViewControllers so you’re not just limited to a tableview.  You can make both horizontal and vertical fold transitions.  There’s also the ability to make it so any views pushed/popped by the UINavigationController can use one a fold transition.  To top it off you get a number of different customization options for completely different folds.

Here’s an image from the Github page for the example illustrating some of the folds that can be created with the library.:

You can read the writeup on using this library on Mark Pospesel’s blog here and the library can be found on Github here.

Mark also has a more in-depth analysis on fold transitions that can be found here.

If you’re unfamiliar with the clear app you can find it on iTunes here.

An excellent library that makes it easy to come up with a fold transition that can suit your app.

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