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Library For Easily Working With Ruby On Rails Apps With Objective-C Code Generation

There are a number of excellent open source libraries out there for communicating with RESTful services such as the excellent MKNetworkKit, and AFNetworking.

Today I came across an open source framework for communicating with Rails servers offering a vast number of features for easily communicating with Ruby On Rails projects.  The library can even auto-generate Objective-C code, and for those who want to stick with Ruby now supports RubyMotion.

The library is NSRails from Dan Hassin.

Here’s a list of features taken from the Github page:

– High-level API, yet flexible enough even to work with any RESTful server
– Highly customizable “syncing” with your Rails attributes
– Nesting supported for relations like has-many, belongs-to, etc
– Asynchronous requests
– Autogenerate NSRails-ready Objective-C classes from a Rails project
– Supported in RubyMotion and MacRuby

Here’s a video demonstrating how easy it is to integrate a Rails web based service with an iOS app using NSRails:

You can find the source repository here, and extensive documentation is available in the wiki.

You can find the NSRails homepage here.

Definitely worth an extended look.

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