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iOS App Review Sites – 160 Sites For iPhone And iPad App Reviews

Welcome to the updated listing of iPhone and iPad app review sites listing in iOS development that was first posted over four years ago and has been updated many times since. The list has grown since the last update and includes sites that post reviews for both iPhone and iPad apps.

Updated August 27th/2014

This list is posted sorted by Alexa traffic rankings and have been checked to ensure each of the pages are working. I have included those sites that were working, and were posted in the comments, and many that were sent in feedback (sorry if your site was missed, but feedback is often missed). If you’d like to add your site please post it in the comments.

The best way to use this list is to look for sites that have reviewed apps similar to yours. As far as the traffic rankings go sites with an Alexa rating higher than about 50,000 are getting a good amount of traffic, and there are many of them.

Sites higher than that, especially sites in the top 10k could make your app a sensation. The biggest sites typically don’t actively ask for apps to review so chances are they will need to find your app themselves.  So this is where getting exposure on other review sites can help.

Sites in the 50-300k range are getting some traffic, but if they’re asking you to pay for reviews then I would avoid them. Sites lower than that are likely very specialized, new, or inactive, but any bit of publicity can make a difference and could lead to someone from a larger site writing about your app.

I’ve placed submission pages/contact e-mails wherever possible, otherwise I’ve posted contact info or in some cases nothing was found.

If you would like submission to be done for you to these sites and many more in multiple languages click here for the submission service.

Here is the list ordered by Alexa ratings:

Name Alexa Rank Contact E-Mail
Cnet 114 Contact Page
BusinessInsider 174 Contact Page
Mashable 195 Contact Page
The Telegraph Mobile App Reviews 208 Contact Page
All Things D 249 Contact Page
TechCrunch 308 Contact Page
IGN Wireless 324 Contact Page
Gizmodo (iPhone Apps Directory) 385
Wired Gadget Lab 664 Contact Page
AppScout 719
MacRumors 1073 Contact Page
TechRadar 1076 Contact Page
TopTen Reviews 1416 Contact Page
Ars Technica (Infinite Loop) 1495 Contact Page
ZDNet 1591 Contact Page
Makeuseof 1597 Contact Page
N4G 2984
GigaOM (TheAppleBlog) 3419 Contact Page
Mac World 3735 Contact Page
iMore 3797
Computerworld (Blogs) 4249 Contact Page
Euro Games 4293 Contact Page
Cult of Mac 6028
ReadWriteWeb 6237 Contact Page
Gizmo’s Freeware 6396 Contact Page
Touch Arcade 7529
iPhone.AppStorm 7544 Contact Page
Apps Zoom 8311 Contact Page
Destructoid 8866
The Unofficial Apple Weblog 11087 Contact Page
App Advice 11137 Contact Page
Pocket-Lint 11236 Contact Page
T3 11354 Contact Page
Mac|Life 14647 Contact Page
Common Sense Media 15186 Contact Page 15756 Contact Page
Pocket Gamer 17165 Contact Page
Phone Dog 22231 Contact Page
Ilounge 23096 Contact Page
AppleTell 24996
Twit 25409
148Apps 26251 Contact Page
The Mac Observer 27028 Contact Page
Screw Attack 37738 Contact Page
Gamezebo 38414 Contact Page
Intomobile 42142 Contact Page
Blogdoiphone – Portuguese 44160
Inside Mobile Apps 44431 Contact Page
iPhon.Fr – French 44870 Contact Page
Iphone Club – Dutch 47583
Games Like Finder 49017 Contact Page
ICulture – Dutch 53441 Contact Page
Smart Apps For Kids 54037 Contact Page
Iphone In Canada 64984 Contact Page
Iphone Life 72921 Contact Page
Appolicious 82564 Contact Page
Esferaiphone – Spanish 93635 Contact Page
QuickJump Gaming Network 95551 Contact Page
iGame Mom 96471 Contact Page
Mobile Tech Review 102121 Contact Page
AppPicker 105120 Contact Page
Pre Apps 115489 Contact Page
AppyMall 131128 Contact Page
KinderAppGarten – German 132272 Contact Page
Digital Storyline 135050 Contact Page
iFans 140650 Contact Page
iFanzine 141163 Contact Page
PadGadget 152241 Contact Page
Best Apps For Kids 165315 Contact Page
AppSafari 175872 Contact Page
iPad Insight 179590 Contact Page
Daily App Show 180430 Contact Page
iSource 181120 Contact Page
The Smartphone App Review 181613 Contact Page
AppCraver 186680 Contact Page
Top Best Apps For Kids 189859 Contact Page
The iMums 203448 Contact Page
Alpha Digits 204377 Contact Page
The iPhone App Review 210964 Contact Page
App Guide – German 211808 Contact Page
Appy Smarts 212566 Contact Page
iPhone Glance 215329 Contact Page
PocketFullOfApps 223820 Contact Page
AppAddict 231986 Contact Page
Apps 400 233501 Contact Page
Apple N Apps 235870 Contact Page
Iphone Application List 238001 Contact Page
Slide To Play 238915 Contact Page
What’s on iPhone? 246742 Contact Page
App Store Apps 248162 Contact Page
Best App Site 261626 Contact Page
Crazy Mike’s Apps 262058 Contact Page
DIY App Review 274830 Contact Page
AppGamer 282498 Contact Page
Appmodo 303099
The App Whisperer 314631
The iPhone Mom 328589 Contact Page
Apple iPhone School 355261 Contact Page
Monster Mobile Marketing 364012 Contact Page
Ismashphone 380518 Contact Page
Web App Rater 383590 Contact Page
Best Kids Apps 444824 Contact Page
iPhone Apps Review Online 446811 Contact Page
Art of the Iphone 465764 Contact Page
The Bizri 483249 Contact Page
AVR Magazine 504040 Contact Page
Apps 4 Review 532603 Contact Page
App Chatter 544695 Contact Page
App Store Arcade 547630 Contact Page
96 Apps 570841 Contact Page
Apps To Use 611385 Contact Page
iPhone and Kids 616156 Contact Page
Tech Tools 4 Mom 654635 Contact Page
Razorianfly 657711 Contact Page
Apps Mirror 659186 Contact Page 690559 Contact Page
Slap App 714347 Contact Page
TouchMyApps 718380 Contact Page
The App Review Zone 755689 Contact Page
Appdictions 762876 Contact Page
Top Best Free Apps 771561 Contact Page
Top App Reviews 101 784660 Contact Page
Nine Over Ten 789579 Contact Page
The App Magazine 851669 Contact Page
Apps Happens 905802 Contact Page
TouchGen 916182 Contact Page
The iPad Fan 927207 Contact Page
Touch Reviews 967457 Contact Page
Touch Archive 1028596 Contact Page
Yappler 1091473 Contact Page
Iphone Savior 1108598
Top Kids Apps 1172885 Contact Page
iOS Apps 1222554 Contact Page
AppSIZED 1283066 Contact Page
Appy Zilla 1350357 Contact Page
Apps Pirate 1367008 Contact Page
AppDigity 1429846 Contact Page
Appseeq 1478276 Contact Page
iPhone Social Media 1518015 Contact Page
Apps On Tap 1535826 Contact Page
App Comrade 1578015 Contact Page
Iphone Games 1818417 Contact Page
Killer App Review 1899202 Contact Page
iGame Radio 2063617 Contact Page
Santa Apps 2144195 Contact Page
Free Apps Arcade 2208988 Contact Page
My iPad Apps 2210595 Contact Page
IOS RPG 2212507 Contact Page
Gungroo 2351579 Contact Page
Fuel Your Apps 2681286 Contact Page
Little App Review 3497119 Contact Page
iPhone RPG Site 4339167
Kids Learning Kit 4673725 Contact Page
App Elect 5401603 Contact Page
iPhone Gamers 5532188 Contact Page
The App List 6353912
Howz Ur App 9600876 Contact Page
Stumbleupon Apps 12369541 Contact Page
iOS App Spy 15106106 Contact Page

Thanks for reading, please Tweet, Plus One and bookmark this post!

If you find anything incorrect or want me to add your site to the list please post a comment. If sent as feedback your site will likely not get posted as it will be filtered along with the many app review requests that this site receives (we’re not an app review site unless you’ve got something for developers). Thank you.

32 replies on “iOS App Review Sites – 160 Sites For iPhone And iPad App Reviews”

Thanks so much for including iFanzine on your list again this year. Our email address for review requests is: ifanzine[at]gmail[dot]com 🙂

FREE educational game for children that teaches spelling and handwriting. 
Help Wordy the frog build a beautiful magic garden by spelling words correctly. 

Lite version: This version is free. You will be offered to purchase a key to a garden and additional words, when you reach that stage.

NOTE: This is a univeral app: purchase Spell Well once and use it across all of your Apple devices (iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4, iPad, iPad 2, iPod Touch 3rd gen or iPod Touch 4) 

– Developed to teach spelling to children at first grade level in particular 
– Follows the texts of the British National Curriculum 
– Words to be spelled are shown 
– Words to be spelled are spoken 
– Words are put into context using a sentence 
– Words are further highlighted with an illustration 
– Advanced graphics, using the iPads enhanced features

This is a great list. Was just about to start searching every app review site when your blog popped up top of the search results. Great place for me to start, thanks for taking the time to compile it.

The time of this is perfect! There’s nothing quite as frustrating as pouring your heart and soul into an app and then wonder if anyone will ever find it. Thanks for the list!

Great list! It seems like the Alexa rankings are a bit out of date now. Interesting to see how much some of them have changed though, especially for some of the kids app review sites. When were the rankings generated?

Thanks for including us on your list. We’re happy to report that you bring us traffic every single day! We appreciate all the referrals!
AppStoreArcade Team

P.S. We were a brand new site when you updated this list and we were only at 580K (a big accomplishment for us since we were only a few months old). With a lot of hardwork and support from developers we’ve climbed up the rankings. Fast forward to today and we now find ourselves sitting at the 150k(ish) mark! Not bad for our first year!

Hey there, very good list! Thanks for adding us to your list, we apprecaite it a lot along with the other referrals you have gotten us. For direct contact you can shoot us an email at: admin[at] We’re always open to special requests and any other needs a developer has, so feel free to get in touch with us.

In the mean time, thanks again so much! 🙂

~ Aaron from

Hi, I am one of The iMums – we are four mums from around the globe who review apps. Our site is . We mainly focus on children’s apps (including those for children with Special Needs), but also include some we think mums and dads would enjoy too. We’d love to be added to your list.

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