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Examples: Using Cordova (Phonegap) As A Component Within Objective-C Apps

For several versions now (Since v1.4.0) it’s been possible to use Cordova (Phonegap) embedded as a component within iOS Xcode projects – with component being named “Cleaver”.  Cordova projects themselves actually use Cleaver.

Since many things are easier to do with html5/css/javascript vs. Objective-C and creating plugins for Cordova can take up valuable time hybrid apps provide some interesting possibilities.

To that end Randy McMillan has created 3 examples using Cleaver.  One demonstrating the use of Cleaver as a modal view, another using Cleaver to embed Wikipedia as a searchable component, and a third demonstrating an RSS reader using Cleaver.

You can find the 3 projects through the repository for the modal view example on Github here.

For more details on exactly how to use Cordova as a component in your iOS projects check the docs here.

Phonegap definitely makes for a powerful component to use within your apps with so many plugins, and examples available.


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