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Example: Open Source iOS Castle Destruction Game Using Cocos2D And Box2D

I’ve mentioned some excellent open source games from the app store that could be used as a great examples for learning how to create games.  Most of these games use Cocos2D and I’ve come across another Cocos2D game that makes for a great example.

The game is Castle Hassle by Bryce Redd which is a real-time 2d cannon shooting, castle destruction game that uses Cocos2D and Box2D physics.

The game has quite a bit of polish with beautiful graphics, and a lot of well down particle, environmental effects, a nice level seleciton map and more.

Here are some screenshots from the game:

You can find the source code for Castle Hassle on Github here.

You can download Castle Hassle on iTunes here.

Also being added to the open source apps, and Cocos2D example pages.

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