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Easy And Extremely Fast iOS UIImage Image Processing Library (Blur/Sharpen/Emboss)

With this Objective-C library for image filters based on Filterr.js and Core Image in iOS 5 there are a number of ways to easily process images.  There are times however when you might need a bit more speed and don’t want to try rolling your own filter.

Today I came across an image processing library that is designed for speed and provides that enhanced speed by using Apple’s vDSP API.  The library provides UIImage categories and provides allows you to easily apply sharpen, blur (box, gaussian and motion), and emboss filters.

The library is image-dsp from Mad Dog software and can be found on Github here.

You can read the original writeup about the category on the Mad Dog Software blog here.

You can read more about the vDSP Api On Apple’s site here.

A great library if you need some really fast image processing.

via @mugunthkumar, @flyosity

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