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Best Resources In iOS Development – May 7th, 2012

Another week has gone by and it’s time to feature the past weeks of iPhone and iPad developer resources that have been featured on this site.

The top resources from the last week include a library that you can use to easily make some crazy animated UITableviews, a great library for those times you chose to use a UIWebView for content within your apps, and an excellent new framework for running user interface tests.

Here are the resources in order of popularity:

Drop-In Open Source Library For Creating Wacky Animated UITableViews – A library allowing you to easily create UITableViews with a wide variety of custom animations.

Open Source Library That Makes Objective-C And UIWebView Interaction More Convenient – A library for Objective-C and UIWebView interaction with a number of convenience features not seen in similar libraries.

Open Source iOS UIAutomation Test Runner That Supports Coffeescript – An interesting UIAutomation tool allowing you easily create and run iPhone and iPad UI tests.

Open Source Library Enabling Use Of CocosBuilder .CCB Scenes In Cocos2D-X – A library allowing you to use the excellent CocosBuilder drag and drop scene builder with the cross platform C++ Cocos2D-X.

News: New 2D Game Framework For iOS Using Javascript Released – A framework with syntax inspired by Cocos2D created so that you can develop native games using Javascript.

Tutorial: How To Quickly Create High Performance Image Filters With GPUImage – A step-by-step guide on using the GPUImage library that helps in the creation of image/video filters using OpenGL ES.

Tutorial: Creating A Turn Based Strategy Game In Cocos2D – A in-depth tutorial making for a great starting point for anyone looking to create a turn based war game.

Open Source: Easily Customizable Rotary Pie Menu iOS Control – A great control for creating rotary pie menus within iOS apps that can easily be customized.

Tool: Excellent iPhone App For Easy Particle Generation – A tool for creating particle systems that can be exported for use within iOS apps.

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