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Best Resources In iOS Development – May 20th, 2012

Welcome to another edition featuring the top new and updated resources on this site from the past week.

The weeks most popular resources include an  updated listing of iOS app review sites, an analysis of the number of downloads need to reach the first page of the app store, and a very nicely made animated control for creating semi-modal views.

Here are the iPhone and iPad developer resources from the past week in order of popularity:

iOS App Review Sites – 167 Sites To Promote iPhone And iPad Apps – This is the updated listing organized by more recent traffic rankings.

How Many Downloads It Takes To Hit The Top 25 In Each App Store Category – An analysis created from top apps in each category to provide an accurate estimation of what’s required to hit the front page of the app store

Open Source iOS Library For Highly Customizable Animated Semi-Modal Views – A great component for semi-modal popups inspired by the National Geographic National Parks app.

Library For Easily Working With Ruby On Rails Apps With Objective-C Code Generation – A library created specifically for working with Rails web-based apps.

Example: Using Core Image Face Detection On A Live Video Feed – A demonstration showing how to use core image to place a moustache on faces found within a live video feed.

Easy And Extremely Fast iOS UIImage Image Processing Library (Blur/Sharpen/Emboss) – An image processing library designed for speed that uses Apple’s vDSP api.

Open source: Library For Easy Clear App Style (And More) Folding Transitions Between UIViews – A great library for making those folding style transitions like those you see when creating new cells in the Clea app.

Nifty Utility Library For Easier Threading, Core Location, UITableViews And More – A great utility library with providing an elegant blocks based syntax for working with threads and more.

Open Source: Nifty Eye-Catching Animated Tile Menu Control – A very cool control allowing you to create a multi-level icon based menus with amazing animations.

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