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Best Resources In iOS Development – May 14th, 2012

Another week gone by and once again here is the list featuring iPhone and iPad developer resources that have been most popular on this site in the past week.

This weeks list features a port of Twitter’s library for processing the text found within tweet’s, a vertical tab bar implementation perfect more adding simple navigation to ipad apps, and a source code example showing Cocos2D coded using Ruby (with RubyMotion).

Here are the resources:

Official Objective-C Version Of Twitter Text Processing Library Released – Twitter’s text processing library for dissecting the unique syntax found in tweets is now available in Objective-C.

Open Source iOS Control For Creating A Vertical Tab Bar – A control that behaves just like a tab bar (although with unlimited room for items), but displays vertically.

Example: iOS Cocos2D With Ruby (RubyMotion) – A demo implementation of Cocos2D running with RubyMotion.

Tutorial: In-Depth Guide To Handling And Transferring Files With iCloud From Within Your Apps – A step-by-step tutorial showing how to handle files within an app and use those files with iCloud.

Open Source: Custom UITableViewCell Implementation For Easy Swipeable TableView Cells – A UITableViewCell replacement that you can use to add swipeable cells to any UITableView.

Extremely Handy iOS UI Event Tracking Library (Perfect For The Performance Obsessed) – Very nice library for those times when you need to know when the user is interacting with the interface.

Online Console Allowing You To Test Out RubyMotion (Ruby For Native iOS App Development) – A console you can use to demo the syntax of the new Ruby on the iOS SDK implementation RubyMotion.

Open Source Library Providing An Objective-C Version Of .NET’s Reactive Extensions – A library from Github that allows you to use the reactive programming paradigm on the iOS platform styled after reactive extensions.

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