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Tutorial: How To Make Jagged Drawn Lines Smooth In Cocos2D

I’ve mentioned a couple of nice libraries for creating drawing apps with Cocos2D such as this color picker library, and  floodfill library.

I’ve also mentioned some great Cocos2D resources from Krzysztof Zablocki on using OpenGL ES 2.0 shaders with Cocos2D v2, and a category for easily adding gesture recognizers to Cocos2d nodes.

Krzysztof has added a new tutorial demonstrating how to take jagged lines and smooth them similar to the popular iPad Paper app – the user draws the lines, and they come out nice and smooth.

Here’s an image from the tutorial illustrating this effect:

You can find the tutorial and example code on Krzysztof’s website here.

Great info if you’re looking to create any sort of app that involves drawing with Cocos2D.

Added to the Cocos2D tutorial page.

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Really Nice! How would you integrate this line drawing feature in a game template? Thanks in advance

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