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Article Written By:
Johann Dowa

Open Source Completely Customizable iPhone UIAlertView Replacement Control

Customizing the look of the UIAlertView has always been extremely tedious.  One of the more common customizations is the insertion of UITextField’s within a UIAlertView which finally began to work properly with iOS 5.

In-depth customization can be quite difficult, and usually involves a lot of trial and error, and tweaking things around with core animation.

That’s where a library I came across today can be extremely helpful.  This library acts as a replacement for the standard UIAlertView providing the same look and feel, but allows for easy customization so you can easily drop in progress indicators, images and more.

Here’s a video demonstrating the control in action:

This control is known as CODialog from Erik Aigner and can be found on Github here.

Erik also developed the recently mentioned open source app backend server DataKit.

If you ever find yourself struggling to customize the UIAlertView component be sure to give CODialog a try.

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