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Beta Of Open Source 3D Game Framework With iOS Support Released By Blackberry

I’ve mentioned a number of iOS game frameworks in the past, and today came across a very interesting framework for 3D game development on the iOS platform.

The framework is known as Gameplay and developed by RIM under the Apache 2 license and in addition to the iPhone and iPad Gameplay also supports the Blackberry Playbook 2, and Google Android 2.3.

This is a beta version, but comes with extensive documentation and a number of samples, and so far looks like it could become a great option for those looking for a cross platform 3D game development framework.

The framework uses C++,  has integrated Physics using the Bullet engine, uses OpenGL ES 2.0, and supports the Collada 3D model format.

You can download Gameplay on Github here.

Staying with tradition I have not added the Gameplay framework to the open source ios game engine list as I am unaware if any iOS apps have been released using the framework, but if you come across one let me know.

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