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Johann Dowa

Best Resources In iOS Development – April 16th, 2012

Welcome to another edition of the best resources in iOS development featuring the latest iPhone and iPad developer resources on this site in order of popularity.

This week’s top resources include a new tool for creating animations for Cocos2D games with a timeline based interface, an example project for getting started with using the Instagram API, and an in-depth guide for marketing apps.

Here are the resources:

Tool: Flash Timeline Style Animation Editor For Cocos2D-iPhone and Cocos2D-X games – A new tool allowing you to create animations with a wysiwig editor.

Example: Photo Viewer Project Demonstrating Use Of The Instagram API – A demonstration project that can be used as a basis for creating apps that make  use of the Instagram API.

Great Guide For Marketing Your iOS App – Even If You Haven’t Started It Yet – An in-depth guide covering ways to market an app all the way from pre-development to after your app is already selling in the iOS app store.

Open Source Easy To Use Multiple App iOS Push Notification Provider (Python and Twisted Based) – A nice push notification server for multiple apps with Ruby and Python API’s.

Open Source Project Providing An API For Manipulating Xcode Projects – A very useful library for anyone working on a tool that needs to manipulate Xcode 4 projects directly allowing you to add files, modify targets and more.

Tutorial: How To Use Core Data With iCloud Step-By-Step – A tutorial covering the basics of using Core Data and iCloud.

Example Source Code: Easy Cocos2D Sprite Floodfill Class – An interesting class for anyone creating any kind of drawing app with Cocos2D providing a working implementation of a floodfill algorithm.

Tutorial: The Basics Of Using The Magical Record Core Data Library – A detailed tutorial demonstrating how to get started with using the excellent Magical Record library for working with Core Data.

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