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Article Written By:
Johann Dowa

Template For Pitching Your iOS App To Review Sites So You Get More Reviews

One of the more popular resources on this site is a list of iOS app review sites looking for developers to submit apps for review.

Having a list is one thing though, and knowing what to send these potential reviewers so they actually check out your app is a great help.

Recently Tope Abayomi from the App Design Vault interviewed experienced iOS development book author and blogger Erica Sadun about how to get your apps reviewed by app review websites.

In addition to the interview Tope has uploaded a sample pitch document which you can fill out with your app information to make sure that you are sending app reviewers the information that they need and increase the likelihood of getting your app reviewed.

You can find the template and interview here.

If you’re wondering what to send app reviewers who could potentially review your app this could be of great help.

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