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Article Written By:
Johann Dowa

Source Code Collection Using The Quartz Graphics API On iOS – PDFs, Bezier Curves, Gradients And More

Yesterday I mentioned an extensive guide from Bob McCune on how to create Xcode 4 file templates.

Some time ago I mentioned an open source project from Bob which provided a number of extremely useful Core Animation source code examples which received a large amount of interest.

After mentioning Bob’s Xcode 4 file templates tutorial I decided to take a look at his Github page and noticed a nice source code collection demonstrating many Quartz 2D techniques using the iOS platform.

Here’s a quick video demonstrating the collection in action:

Among the examples you’ll learn the basics of using and drawing with Quartz, how to draw bezier curves, how to draw gradients, rotation, how to create and read PDF files and more.

You can find the source code collection on Github here.

Some great examples if you find yourself needing to use the lower level Quartz API as opposed to Core Animation or GLKit.

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