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iPad 3 HD Retina Sized UI Design Template – Layered PSD With Many GUI Components

It’s widely expected that the Apple event later today (March 7th, 2012) will feature an updated version of the iPad known as either the iPad 3 or iPad HD and a display with double the resolution of the iPad and iPad 2 (2048×1536).

This means that it’s time to start changing the user interface within iPad apps to start supporting the larger display.

Fortunately Tope Abyumi has already created a PSD template with many different interface components including  buttons, alerts, popovers, and more all created with the new higher resolution Рwith extremely high quality.

You can download the template for free over at the App Design Vault.

Time to get a head start on designing those updated UI’s.

Added to the iPad development resources list.

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