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Apps Using UDIDs Being Rejected By Apple – Here’s How To Generate Replacements Quickly

Today there have been reports on Twitter about iOS apps being rejected for using the now deprecated UDID variable.

By @kevindent: Confirmed with multiple sources now, Apple are rejecting and pulling titles that access the UDID, this includes large publishers.

By @joppedeluxe: Apple rejecting apps that use UDID. Sh*t just got real. I wonder what they will offer as replacement.

By @steipete: This sudden UDID rejection change will cause some headaches, especially for apps that just wanna push some small updates…

Fortunately there are alternatives to the UDID that you can drop right into your app.

MAC Address Based UUID Replacements

The first alternative is an open source library I’ve mentioned previously that generates a unique identifier that is unique to the user’s hardware by using the device’s MAC address by George Kitz that you can find on Github here.

I’ve seen some components out there for sale that can be used to generate UDID replacements – and they appear to do the exact same thing as the library by George Kitz and generate an ID using the app information, and MAC address.

Non-MAC Address  Based  UUID Replacements

There have been reports of some potential privacy issues that could arise from using the MAC address.

If you don’t really need an ID unique to  the user’s hardware, but just want an easy way to identify app users you can use CFUUIDCreate.  Ole Begemann has written up a nice writeup on doing just that.

By using the library or the guide to generate UDID replacement identifiers you should be able to avoid the time wasted because of rejection due to using the new deprecated UDID.

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