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Tutorial: Integrating Cocos2D 2.0 With iOS 5 Storyboards

While they take some getting used to iOS 5 storyboards are an excellent way of laying out an app.

The upcoming release of Cocos2D 2.0 also takes some getting used to, and along with the switch to using OpenGL ES 2.0 there are a number of changes to the API.

One of the changes made in Cocos2D 2.0 is that your Cocos2D directory is actually a UIViewController implementing the CCDirectorDelegate and this means that you can use your Cocos2D views directly with the storyboard feature.

Jerrod Putman has written a quick tutorial and example project showing just how easy it is that you can find on his blog.

This makes Cocos2D that much more useful as now you can easily integrate Cocos2D views directly within any type of app without having to make any major changes.

Added to the Xcode storyboard tutorial page.

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