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Article Written By:
Johann Dowa

Tutorial: How To Add A Rotating Pie Menu To Your iOS Apps

Pie menus have been frequently used within iOS apps since the very beginning of the app store.  They can be made to look great and are a terrific way to use the touch screen found on iOS devices.

In this tutorial the menu items are selected using a rotary style, if you’re looking to create a pie menu where the menu items act like buttons you can check out this example here.

Making these menus work right is a bit tricky as it does require some knowledge of geometry.  Even trickier than the pie menu is the rotary pie menu which can make for a very cool effect.

Recently I came across a tutorial on how to create a very elegant looking rotating wheel menu – here’s a video of the menu in action:

The tutorial is from Cesare Rocchi and demonstrates how to create the menu graphics, and exactly how to perform the math to get this type of round control working here.

The code can be found on Github here.

Makes for a very beautiful way to display a menu.

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