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Open Source: Non-Annoying UIAlertView Replacement Styled After TweetBot’s Alert Panels

It’s no secret that other than being sometimes overly tedious to implement UIAlertView’s are highly obtrusive taking over the entire app, and forcing the user to make a choice.

Recently I mentioned a control for easier implementation of the UIAlertView class which takes care of the tedious part, but not those times when you want to alert the user, but don’t want to tick them off with an intrusive warning.

This new control does a great job of elegantly alerting the user without being too obtrusive providing an alert panel similar to that found in the TweetBot app (among others).

Here’s a quick video of the component in action:

The component is YRDropDownView from Eli Parkins.  As you can see in the video this control does it’s job well, and it’s also highly customizable.

You can find complete instruction and an example on the Github page here.

You can read more about the control on Eli’s blog here.

A very nice, easy to use control.

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