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Open Source: Library For Gesture Based Tableview Interaction Like The Clear App

Several in the past I’ve mentioned some great libraries modeled after the UI of the Path app which has been somewhat of a game changer when it comes to UI design on the iPhone.

Another app that has been touted for having a very elegant and intuitive interface is the Clear to-do list  app for iPhone .

The intuitiveness of the tableviews within the app have been lauded because of how they respond to different pulling, pinching, and swiping gestures.

You can see a demonstration in this video review:

James Tang has created a library based on the tableviews within the clear app.  While the library does not yet implement all the gestures available for tableviews it’s great to look at and see how James used gesture recognizers within the tableview and implement your own.

You can find the library on Github here.

If you want to check out the Clear app you can find it on iTunes here.

Looks like another great pattern for iOS UI design.

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