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Open Source: iOS Address Book Wrapper Library Providing Automatic Hashing And Permission Alerts

In the last week several apps have been called out for how they dealt with data taken using the iOS address book API (mainly social networking apps like Path, and Foursquare).

Two simple steps have been suggested for developers to avoid being called out like this:
– Warn users that you are about to collect their address book data.
– Access the data securely using iOS SDK’s built-in hashing functions.

Not too long ago I mentioned an excellent guide on using the data protection API, but today i came across a library that automatically wraps the process of using iOS address book contacts and pops up an alert when the user’s address book data is first being used, and uses hashed tokens to represent the data securely.

The library is Hashed Contacts from David Smith, and you can find the library along with an example on it’s Github page here.

You can read more about why David created the library on his blog.

It’s not the most complicated process to deal with this data securely – and with this library it’s automatic.

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