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Johann Dowa

Best Resources In iOS Development – February 6th, 2012


Welcome back to another edition of the best resources in iOS development listing the latest resources from this site in order of popularity.

This edition features a great tool for viewing the iOS SDk decomentatiion on your iOS device, easy ways to simulate slow and poor connections within your iOS apps, and a guide to easy downloading and caching of images.

Here are the resources:

Tool: Open Source App For Easy (And Beautiful) Viewing Of The iOS SDK Documentation On iPhone And iPad – A fantastic project you can install on your iOS device and easily view/download/search/bookmark iOS documentation with style.

Tip: Simulating Different Network Conditions To Make Sure Your iOS App Doesn’t Screw Up On 3G – Tools for setting up your internet connection to simulate different networking speeds and quality.

Tutorial: How To Download And Cache Images With The MKNetworkKit iOS Networking Library – A tutorial on how to easily download an cache images using the MKNetworkKit library.

Apple Posts New iOS Development Videos Covering In-App Purchases, Open GL ES, And More – Apple has posted new videos for iOS developers covering many of the topics featured at the iOS tech talks.

Open Source: Excellent Easy To Use iPhone Sliding View Control – A lightweight control for creating sliding views with a very nice clean syntax.

Open Source: Great Block Based UIAlertSheet And UIActionSheet Replacement Library – A great solution for quickly programming UIAlertSheet’s and UIActionSheet’s which can be very tedious to code.

Open Source: Excellent Easy To Use Flip (Flipboard Style) Transition Component – A component for applying “half flip” style animations to flip solid colors and dynamic text or images.

Macros Allowing You To Easily Create Code That Works In Both ARC and Non-ARC Projects – Some macros you can apply to your code allowing it to compile when used within both non-arc projects and arc projects (without turning off arc for the files).

Example: How To Update Apps By Downloading Modified Files From A Server – A great example on updating apps by downloading modified files.

Open Source: Sliding View Control For Showing Information Like Folders On The iOS Springboard – A control allowing you to easily apply the slide similar to the iOS springboard, even the mid-view slide used by Newsstand and Folders.

Open Source: Slick Control For iOS That Makes An Interesting Progress Indicator – A control for making a very interesting sprring progress indicator.

Tutorial: Quickly Create A Jetpack Joyride Like Game With Cocos2D, Box2D, LevelHelper, And SpriteHelper – An extensive tutorial on creating a game with using Cocos2d and the LevelHelper, and SpriteHelper tools.

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