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Article Written By:
Johann Dowa

An In-Depth Look At The JetBrains AppCode IDE vs. Xcode

I think almost everyone developing for iOS devices – except maybe those who were Mac developers before the iPhone came out – has at one point become frustrated with the Xcode IDE to the point where they began looking for alternatives.

Jetbrains is a company that has gained quite a following because of their intelligent IDE’s.  I hadn’t really considered looking at their AppCode IDE for Objective-C development – mainly because of the licensing fee vs. Xcode being free for iOS developers.

However, when I noticed the free trial, and lower prices for indie developers ($99) I decided to look for further info, and came across a nice comparison from developer Yoni Tsafir.

You can find Yoni’s review here where he compares many different aspects such as refactoring, disaster recovery, code completion, and real time code correction in depth with a lot of nice diagrams.

Overall it looks like AppCode is definitely worth trying out

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